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Hello Floridians! 

I love helping others make positive changes that enable them to live their best lives.

I work with various behavioral and emotional issues including couples and family issues, parent support, depression, grief, trauma, self-destructive behaviors, bipolar disorders, and more.


I specialize in helping individuals overcome obstacles created by past experiences and help them conquer daily challenges that arise.

We are bombarded daily with negative and fear-based messages through social media that directly influence our thoughts. Thought patterns can affect behaviors which often become habits. When thought patterns are negative or harmful, it can lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms, destructive thoughts, and behaviors.

I provide telehealth services, so you can schedule without having to plan for drive time. I use a HIPPA-compliant website for sessions.

Are you ready to take the next step to living your best life?


Reach out today to begin your journey.

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